I was inspired by the word "Fine Art", my mind and my heart was trying to contemplate those words, how to define it. A Master of this field, awakened my soul, allowing me to express my thoughts. As what he always said to us, feel the nature, see the world differently and play along with time.

This is the field where we can express the poetry of LIFE, that ART is LIFE. It allows me to show the true meaning of freedom of creation, convey my ideas and showing my interpretation in every image I have created through my visual interpretation. Creativity reflects my inner self, my whole being.

Fine Art for me is how we interpret without limits, without boundaries.


Allan worked for various companies from 1996 to 2012 until he put up his own business. For three years, he has been running a small business that caters to tourists who wish to visit and experience Caramoan Islands. That was how he got interested in photography. The need to have a good landscape pictures for the company website and advertisement made him decided to buy his first ever camera. From then on, he considered photography as a hobby. He took pictures of different places and people without any formal knowledge in photography.

He learned to love being a street photographer. He was very much inspired that he decided to buy his very first DSLR in 2013. From a simple hobby, photography became a passion. There was always a desire to come up with quality and relevant photos. Thus, he decided to enroll in a basic photography workshop and consequently, in an advanced photography class.

To enhance his skills, He attended other workshops on landscapes, portrait and Fine Art Photography. He travelled in various places, shooting landscapes, festivals and other human activities.

It was in 2014, when he started joining international competitions. He won the first prize in FXB International for the theme Framing Hope. He also received an Honorable Mention in MIFA 2014 competition in fine arts category. In 2015, he bagged the 1st Place award in the Philippines-SONY Power of Imaging Southeast Asia - Photo Challenge – Action. My entry in SONY World Photography Awards was Commended – Open Competition - Category: Architecture and was part of SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS EXHIBITION at Somerset House, London from April 24 - May 10, 2015. This year, Allan joined PX3 competition and received 5 Honorable Mentions. A friend encouraged Allan to join IPA (International Photography Awards) Philippines and indeed, he made it once again. He won the Best Talent of the Year 2015, Deeper Perspective category, Architecture Photographer of the Year, Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year and winning 5 GOLD, 7 SILVER, 5 BRONZE and 5 Honorable Mentions in different categories. Winning the Best Talent Of The Year will give him a chance to compete in New York for the most coveted award, The Lucie Award.

Allan will continue to create, inspire and share his passion in photography.