BEYOND MONOCHROME, A Photographic Art Exhibition October 1-30, 2016

Venue: Vetro Gallery

Date: 2016


Project Statement

Beyond Monochrome is an exploration of the borders of Black and White photography in the field of art. The subjects depicted are landscapes, either geographic or corporal. With an apparent absence of grit,  a character predominant in black and white photography, the artists’ works in this exhibition filter the silence from the noise.

The creative process is not the one that merely involves bleeding the image dry of its palette. Instead, image making undergoes a meditative process that is deeply anchored on each artists personal vision. The absence of grit is deliberately replaced by the weight of time, revealed in the way the artists carefully constructed the images. In some, time is presented as a fragment of a moment that resists replication. In others, time drags its heavy feet, deceptively creating a visual illusion that hangs between stillness and motion.

A semblance of space is created, but it is never really  the geographic references nor the corporal landscape that these images are about. Rather, the works in this exhibition delicately define the silence in black and white, the unspoken grays in photography at a time when the medium is gripped by velocity and mass commercial use.